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Rinviato al 2021 il Campionato Europeo Invernale Open

Cari Atleti,

si riporta la comunicazione del presidente della classe internazionale Europa, Paul Depoorter, che avvisa del rinvio al 2021 del Campionato Europeo Invernale Open organizzato dal C.N. La Croisette (Cannes - FRA).

Europe Class WINTER EUROPEANS 2020 in Cannes/FRA postponed until 2021

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation we have decided, together with the International Europe Class Union and French Europe Class Association, to postpone 2020 Europe Class

WINTER EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP and instead move the event to 2021.

With less than a month to go to the Event, and with the restrictions that are now implemented in France and in many other countries, we have to accept that it’s not possible to run

such an important event.

Basically the main problems are:

- The Event needs the approval from the French National Authorities. But that permission

cannot be asked until 11th December – 15 days before the competition – and after many

previous consultations, the chances to get a “NO” as answer are very high. And that would

be around 10 days before the regatta.

- The country will be under a night-time curfew (9 pm to 7 am), limiting traveling options for

sailors, coaches, families, members of the organizing committee, International Jury, etc.

- All restaurants and bars are closed in France, at least, until January.

The Club Nautique de La Croisette in Cannes will try to organize a local event, “Régate de

proximité” for their local sailors, with local race committees and local juries, but it is even not

sure that this event will be accepted by the authorities.

We thank all committed organizers and sponsors for your support and expect to keep the

good cooperation for 2021 instead.

To all of you sailors, we hope that you continue to do what you love, namely sail the Europe

Class. Stay healthy and safe.

All the best

Aline Vielle, Chaiman of Club Nautique La Croisette and French Europe Class Association

Paul Depoorter, President IECU

30 November 2020

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