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Campionato Mondiale Classe Europa 2020 - Svezia

Dear all.

We have great news to share.

After decisions made at the IECU Annual Meeting in Kuhlungsborn where it was decided that IECU and the Swedish Europe Class Union ( Svenska E-Jolle Forbundet ) would work together to find the best place to run the 2020 Worlds, it's for us a great pleasure to announce that a decision has been made.


                            Råå Jolleklubb - SWEDEN  !!!

Råå Jolleklubb is a sailing club mainly focused on dinghy sailing. The sailing arena is in the northern part of Öresund, just south of Helsingborg. The land base is located in Råå harbor.

In the harbor there are large areas for dinghies, one big permanent ramp and one temporary smaller ramp for launching. Furthermore, there are dressing rooms with showers, a local restaurant and a yacht supply shop.

The harbor is at walking distance from the village of Råå and a 15 minutes drive from the city center of Helsingborg.

Still to be decided, but provisionally it would be somewhere around 7 - 18 July 2020


Sailing conditions during the period of early to middle July often provides stable winds about 5-10 m/s between SW and NW. Moreover, it is not uncommon with currents reaching almost 1-2 knots. In most wind directions the waves are relatively small and choppy, but may have a larger more rolling character when the wind blows from NW.

The race course will be located SW of the harbor most of the time, approximately 10 – 15 minutes sailing from the launch ramp.

Activities for non-sailors

There is a large variation of activities the non-sailors. Visits to several tourist attractions in the city of Helsingborg e.g. the old castle of Kärnan, the former kings palace of Sofiero etc. A lot of shops and restaurants in the city center and a big shopping center just 15 min drive from Råå.

There are ferries to Hamlet´s Elsinore with easy train connection to Copenhagen.

From the beach south of the harbor there are good opportunities to follow the racing.

We are very excited about this new project and we are sure that it will be a great success !

Very best regards,

Paul Depoorter


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